Track opening pictures

11 December 2011

Awesome opening to the Rameka Six-Pack! 25 people to dig the tracks, 50 people for speeches and a sausage sizzle and hundreds of people riding the tracks over the weekend.

They really are riding well now, and with 16 km to ride, everyone was happy. Here are some pics.

Karyn and Bronnie DSC_0546 (Large) (Medium)

Karyn and Bronnie were our crash test dummies.

The Pack Track DSC_0857 (Large) (Medium)

The Pack Track is largely on the original Rameka Track. It connects the Rameka Track and Project Rameka.

Marie DSC_0700 (Large) (Medium)

Great Expectations meets Marie’s expectations.

Opening Crowd DSC_0788 (Large) (Medium) (2)

A happy crowd celebrates the opening of the Rameka Six-Pack.

Ricky DSC_0534 (Large) (Medium)

Big thanks to Ricky Ward – track designer and builder.

Martin and Skull DSC_0892 (Large) (Medium)

Martin and friends pass the guardian of the Tomo! Beware!

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