Track opening this Sunday!

The “Rameka Six Pack” in Golden Bay is being officially opened this Sunday. Everyone is welcome to help polish the tracks off between 10am and 12 noon. Meet us at the top entrance to Project Rameka (Rameka Creek Road, 10 km from Takaka).

At 12 noon there will be a relaxed BYO BBQ, followed by a ride of all 6 tracks… or just a couple if you prefer.

The Rameka Six Pack comprises six different tracks, including the Rameka Track, the Pack Track (new) and Great Expectations (new section just finished). The total length is 15.5 km.

This includes the second part to Great Expectations, which has been built over the last two years over some very difficult terrain, and through vicious barberry. A big thanks to Ricky Ward for the design work, and to Martin Langley (Quiet Revolution Cycle Shop) for organising dozens of working bees – not to mention over a hundred other volunteers. The result is absolutely fantastic!

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