On the Conservation Side of Things

Monday 11 May 2009


A close inspection of the plant growth on the project over the last year shows some very promising results.


Matt Shoult is going great “guns” at keeping the pests under control, and it shows. All the northern rata provided by DoC last winter are thriving, and after an unintended and heartwrenching haircutting blitx by some roving sheep all the plants around the Lorax Lair are making a huge recovery. Maybe they like having a bit of a prune.

Not to be outdone by Matt’s efforts, the last visit to the Lorax Lair by Jonathan and Bronnie saw 13 mice succumb to the dark side in one week. We’re contemplating a stuffed animal-head collection for the trophy wall in the Lair. Alternatively, we’ve been pondering the possibility of stitching the skins together to make a really nice mat for the floor. Any thoughts or taxidermists out there?


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