Project Rameka Committee

Wednesday 18 September 2008

The Project Rameka Committee has made a lot of progress in the last three months. If you are a member of Project Rameka, then you will have already been sent an update from the secretary, Marie Langley. Here is summary of that update (for more information, join the Project Rameka Incorporated Society).

LOGO: Every good project needs a logo, so thanks to Josh and Cory for creating this one. Feedback has been very positive.

FUNDS: Seamus, the ultra-efficient Project Rameka treasurer, reported that the society has only has $447.74. We will have to start fundraising soon if we are to achieve the overall goals of conservation and recreation.

SAFETY: Johnny Mulheron from Mapua is working on a health and safety plan. This will be dynamic, so if you have any ideas on how to make Project Rameka a safer place, please pass them on.

PESTS: Matt has so far done 5 night shoots, 3 paid for by Project Rameka Society, 2 by Bronnie and Jonathan. He has also given quite a bit of voluntary time. The result is that no hares or possums were seen this week, and there is no evidence of damage to the recent plantings. There are plans for more shooting.

TREES: There are plans to plant 120 trees this weekend (see above). Aim will be to plant 1000 trees next year. Funding is needed (hint, hint).

TRACKS: Three main tracks are planned: easy (for riding up and easy down), intermediate and a technical expert trail. The easy track is the first priority. There is also a rumour that neighbours will be opening a coffee trailer this summer, right beside the border of Project Rameka. So we expect coffee addicts (ie, most mountain bikers) will want to build a track to it. Watch this space…

GENERAL BUSINESS: Jonathan acknowledged the time spent working on the Project by various people since the last committee meeting: includes further plant protection, track building, pine tree felling and ring barking, site exploration for future tracks etc, and the addition of various features around the Lorax Lair such as the outside bath, firewood shelters, and inside shelves etc. Thanks to all involved. A “To Do” list will be created for anyone who wants to go up and spend time working on the Project outside working bees. This will be displayed at the Lorax Lair as well as being available at the Quiet Revolution Cycle Shop or by email/phone on request.

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