Covering Up

Thursday 19 September 2008

Busy, busy, busy. And it’s all good fun too. On Thursday, Bronnie and Jonathan were joined by a few of the Thursday regulars.

John was first up the hill and spent the morning ‘releasing’ native trees of the faster growing pines. Now they have some space, we hope these trees can really spread their branches and cover some ground. Jonathan spent the day releasing native trees of barberry.

On the covering up theme, Andy, has been busy building the parts to a verandah. Bronnie was his helper for the morning, then John and Martin got stuck in and by late afternoon, it was really taking shape. A big thanks to Andy for supplying the inspiration, and to Simon and Sarah for donating the funds for the materials.

The verandah not only looks great, but it will also help keep muddy boots and wet clothes out of the Lorax Lair.

Just before dark, a posie headed off up the Rameka Track for a ride, and Martin, John and Andy stayed the night up at Canaan Downs.

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