Newsflash! Time to Get Down and Get Dirty

That’s right. Planting season is upon us at Project Rameka. For anyone who wants to feel connection with the dirty in a soothing, less abrupt way than falling off your bike, now’s the chance to do so – feel free to join us for any of the sessions listed below.
Tree planting will be happening on the Project during the week of 16 to 22 August. We kick off with a planting session with the young-uns from Motupipi School (thanks Seamus for organising that) and seniors from Golden Bay High School (and likewise to you Pat too) on Friday 20 August and follow this up with more planting on Saturday 21 in the morning and a bit of track work on Great Expectations in the afternoon. If the weather is bad on the Friday, we’ll be expecting to plant a bit harder on the Saturday.
All sessions will have a 10 am start time.
Anyone with queries is welcome to phone Jonathan on 027 284 5599, but otherwise, we hope you can join us at some stage. There will be a barbeque at the Project on the Saturday at lunchtime.
Thanks also go to Matt Shoult for preparing the areas to be planted.

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