March Updates

13 to 21 March

Yet another busy week at Project Rameka …

had Bronnie, Jonathan and Simon on their knees, weeding over 1,000 trees. Plant survival is incredible, with no small thanks to Marie and Matt for timely releasing over spring and summer:


keeping in touch with some Aussie overstayers …


while Brent, Martin, Bronnie, Simon J, Andrew, Rob, Ryan, and Brett made in-roads on the Odessy (soon followed by Jo and Simon K, not to mention the man behind the camera, Jonathan):


and Simon biffed some gorse (highly recommended for caber-tossing training):


But let’s not forget the fun stuff. Great Expectations is living up to its name with locals and visitors alike buffing up the track nicely. And work continues! Next summer could well see the track heading further down-valley. Watch this space.


The McLellan/Mackenzie tribe stayed a further week on the Project and painted the toilet (thanks Jake and Morag) as well as trapping a number of possums, stoats and rats.

The latest innovation from DOC, causing excitement in pest control circles, two Henry traps are now being trialled on the project. These suckers aim to kill rats, stoats and weasels and reset themselves in an instant. The jury is out but we’ll keep you posted on how they go.

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