In Time for Christmas Fun

Richard heaves another load of gravel to tidy up the muddy bits and …


Jack rakes it out so that everyone can enjoy a dab-free ride!


People are getting ready for their Christmas trip away, and what trip is complete with mountain bike in tow!
We’ve been fielding a few questions about where the new track is and what’s open for public consumption, so here’s a bit of a low-down.
Great Expectations is open for all to use and enjoy – it’s a two-way track, so if you’re getting into the zone and swooping along down, just be prepared to drop the speed a little on the blind corners and give a yodel or two to announce your imminent arrival … but you all know the drill, right?
It is a fantastic extension to the Rameka Track. You’ll head out from the forest of the Rameka Track and follow the gravel road down a short distance before following the Project Rameka sign up a small rise to your left. Then its through the cattle stop and Bob’s your uncle, you are on it!
If you enjoy it so much that you want to try it again, feel free!
If you get really hooked, pop in to The Quiet Revolution Cycle Shop in Takaka and talk to the goodly folk there about how you can help work off some festive food by joining a Project Rameka work party or contribute in other ways to the project.
What ever the case, enjoy – just make sure you leave it in good enough condition for others to enjoy, too.

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