Rameka Track Updates

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Martin Langley from the Quiet Revolution Cycle Shop in Takaka called today to report on progress at Rameka. On Sunday he had been up at Canaan Downs in foul weather, so they bailed out early and headed down the Rameka Track to Project Rameka, with Big Bruce taking their vehicle back to Takaka.

Down in the Project they found the first 1.8km of ‘Great Expectations’ in good condition. Then they came across Mr Baigent, accompanied by his two dogs on the track. And the Track! Along the ‘Cliff’ section it was now almost four feet wide!

Rolling on down, Martin passed a lot of his own recent handiwork, as the track now winds out of the pines and down into the scrub for 100 metres. Then it’s time to carry your bike. But at least you can walk through now, and this is largely thanks to Ricky and Patrick Ward who have been hard at work, designing and clearing the route right through to the Rameka Creek Road (just a few hundred metres above the ford).

Good going everyone. We can’t wait to get over there and check it out. For now though, big thanks to Martin for the up-date. We’ll see you in the last week of August for tree planting 🙂

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