To Be Done

Saturday 1 November 2008
Due to popular demand, here is the “wish list” of Project Rameka’s preferred Christmas prezzies for 2008.

Things we could do with:
1. An 8-pint billy for cooking over the fire
2. Guttering and spouting for the Lorax Lair (two lengths of guttering, 4 metres long)
3. A large water tank to collect rain water (400 to 1000 litres would be good)
4. A water filter of some sort
5. Jet prickers for the old Optimus 00 stove (last seen in the Bay in the 1980s)
6. Wooden stakes for plants (25 by 25mm up to 50 by 50mm)
7. Wire netting to use for plant protection
8. Larger water tank for the pipeline supply (200 to 1000 litres)

Funds towards:
1. Spraying weeds on side of Rameka Road (approx $300)
2. First Aid Kit ($150)
3. 18 Stoat Traps ($90)

If you can help with any of the above, please contact Project Rameka. You can email us at projectrameka [at]

Or you can write to:
Project Rameka Incorporated Society
Secretary, Marie Langley
Parapara Beach, RD2 Takaka

Donations can also be delivered to The Quiet Revolution Cycle Shop in Takaka.

Thanks for your support.

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