A Visit from Her Majesty

One of the main aims for the next year is to get Project Rameka covenanted. This will give the natural values of the Rameka property legal protection and help consolidate the goals of recreation, forest restoration and carbon sequestration. Hopefully, the legal protection offered by covenanting will also assure potential supporters that we are genuine in our intentions.

Our number one choice for a covenant is the QEII. They have been covenanting areas of land for many years now, and as far as we know, no QEII covenant has yet been overturned.

Philip Lisaman, the Nelson representative came across on a wintery May morning to assess the property. The photo makes it look like a sunny day, but don’t be fooled. At one stage, snow fell on us while we looked over the land.


And the verdict then?
Philip was absolutely positive about the project. He was extremely impressed by the community involvement and how much had happened already. Way to go, everyone.

The only stumbling block he could see would have to be the 13 hectares of pine trees. We don’t want to be foresters, but the QEII would be even less interested than us in getting involved in a forestry project. Now the challenge is to come up with a really credible, positive and definitive management for those pesky pines to convince the QEII board that we can deal with them without compromising this fantastic project!

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