Muhammad Goes to the Mountain

After heavy rain overnight, the skies clear once more, and it’s time to heave-ho the Funky Shack up to its new home. We debate cajoling 50-odd cyclists to hitch up their bikes and pedal like crazy, but in the end, using donations from Llyn and Judith Richards, Kate Ford, and Karyn Burgess, we opt to pay $500 for another form of horsepower to do the work.

Dave Marsh has arranged with Jason the farmer to haul the shack up the hill behind his tractor.

Jason is a man of few words, but he does let slip that if the farm track had been 10 metres longer at the steep slippery crux, we wouldn’t have had a hut at the site we had chosen. We take that to mean it was a touch-and-go situation.

While Dave is sorting out the logistics of downloading a 2-tonne hut from the tractor’s trailer, the rest of us set about titivating the site. A couple more trees need to come down so that the Funky Shack will have a primo view of the Bay.

Shack-being-dropped-off-719672 funky-shack-crew-717618

Greg Thurlow starts digging out and then laying the foundations for a loverly fireplace.

Albie and Fill Burgers arrive with a much appreciated pot of hot soup and fresh bread.

The water supply is set up with a sink underneath it, and logs are arranged artistically and usefully around the fireplace.

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