All Systems Go

After a nail-biting build-up, with faxes flying through the ether day after day, the negotiation is wrangled through. The land is sold to the Rameka Trust for $300,000 excluding GST, with settlement four months down the track, 29 April 2008.


It’s time to see if other people are keen on the idea.

Letters are sent out to friends and family: “If you’re concerned about the planet, if you’re interested in doing something positive for the environment, for your family, for the community, would you like to be involved in the Rameka Restoration Project?”

Reponses come in fast and positive.

Jo McKenzie and Andrew McLellan reply immediately with the offer to fund construction of a moveable hut to go onsight. The Funkishack will act as the hub for all work and gatherings on the land.

Further pledges come through from Penny Kennett and Dave Ashman, and Simon Kennett and Sarah Drake. This financial support helps soften the impending mortgage blow.

Martin and Marie Langley provide local knowledge, encouragement, and enthusiasm. The exact location, and speed with which the project takes off is largely due to them.

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