It’s Official!


Monday 15 June 2009

At long last Project Rameka Incorporated has had its registration accepted by the Charities Commission. This means that you can get a third of your donation to Project Rameka back from IRD.

You can make a donation at the same time as you renew your membership and we will send you a receipt to claim the rebate. You can also tag your donation to anything you’d like the project to focus on (ie, tracks or trees or pest control, etc).

Here’s the membership form again: Membership%20form%202009.doc

Coming Up

For your diaries, tree planting is going to take place on the Project over the last weekend in August. So pencil Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August “Tree Planting Project Rameka” onto your calendars and make the pilgrimage up to the Project for a 10 am start.

Last year, we put 400 plants in the ground. This year, the aim is 1,000 plants. Lots of people have asked to be involved in the tree planting on the project, so we’re confident 1,000 trees can be snuggly rooted into the ground by the end of August.

As an added bonus, the Global Volunteer Network (a tourist venture, offering overseas visitors the chance to give something back to New Zealand’s environment with some serious conservation work) has pledged to come across to the Project every three months from November to get involved in the all essential weeding, watering, and pest control. These trees are going to be given the Rolls Royce treatment.

So, start sharpening your grubbers, booking your tickets, and limbering up for the end of August. See you there!


On the Conservation Side of Things

Monday 11 May 2009


A close inspection of the plant growth on the project over the last year shows some very promising results.


Matt Shoult is going great “guns” at keeping the pests under control, and it shows. All the northern rata provided by DoC last winter are thriving, and after an unintended and heartwrenching haircutting blitx by some roving sheep all the plants around the Lorax Lair are making a huge recovery. Maybe they like having a bit of a prune.

Not to be outdone by Matt’s efforts, the last visit to the Lorax Lair by Jonathan and Bronnie saw 13 mice succumb to the dark side in one week. We’re contemplating a stuffed animal-head collection for the trophy wall in the Lair. Alternatively, we’ve been pondering the possibility of stitching the skins together to make a really nice mat for the floor. Any thoughts or taxidermists out there?


Great Expectations!

Things are moving along at the project. Over 200 metres of track have now been completed on the Great Expectations track, and another 200 metres have been marked out through thick scrub.

This track is going to be awesome. It will ultimately provide a truly mellow route from the top of the project down to the valley, weaving its way through a large section of the property and providing not only hours of fun for bikers and walkers but also fun for pest controllers too!

Rumor has it that some hardy souls have already plugged their way through to the bottom of the valley after riding to the end of Great Expectations and … discovering a dead end. What! What to do? … What to do? Lug the bikes back up or continue the downward plunge with great expectations. Well done to the intrepid explorers. Someone has to be the first, eh? Your exploits, if not your names, will be remembered with awe for a long time.

Heartfelt thanks go out to all who have taken part in Project Rameka efforts to date; all those in the photographs and those behind the scenes who have added so much to the developments. You know when we’re meaning you!

At the work party on Sunday 10 May were: Martin and Marie Langley, Ricky and Patrick Ward, Megan and Ralphie, Seamus, Nicky, Josh and Danny Ryan, Brent and James, Fill and Albie Burgers (supplying amazing soup once again – your soup is becoming legendary, you two!!), John, Brian, Corigan, Beth and Phil, and Matt Shoult.

The Ryan family came out in force and whipped that track into shape with their own formidable style. You rock guys!



A hardy team comprising: Megan, Ralphie, Brian and Corigen took advice from Ricky to subdue a curly switchback.


New committee member Patrick Ward passed his initiation test of bashing through 100 metres of thick scrub with a smile on his dial.